Welcome to Tiirinkosken Tehdas!

The Tiirinkoski factory in Hämeenlinna has a warm atmosphere and a wonderful milieu. The lifestyle-style shop and the café serving Belgian waffles made from the farm's own horse bean flour operate in a barn building built in 1910.
Tiirinkoski has a long history of farm maintenance, and today the farm grows native-bred Åland archipelago sheep, Gotland fur sheep and highland cattle. In addition to cereals, broad bean are also cultivated on the farm. In addition to barleay and broad bean products, the farm sells meat and meat products from sheep and highland cattle from its own farm.
You can enjoy the café's food on site, shopping for interior decoration products and clothing, all the way to the farm's own fleece, yarns and food products. It's a good idea to visit Tiirinkoski from farther away as well as we offer boutique style accommondation on the farm!
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